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EMO Bank is a new medium of finance that combines the crypto investor who has both lending and borrowing control. Through EMO Bank, Investors can get access to loans, do fast and affordable transfers, earn money through staking, and utilize a multi-use debit card system.

The traditional banking system is structured and doesn't provide much control to individuals. The EMO bank is an entirely decentralized banking system. It gives control to people and enterprises of their finances, which they can use through lending and staking.

  1. Border free loans accessibility
  2. Fast and secure transactions
  3. Independent working model
  4. Earning through EMO Staking
  5. No third party influence
  6. Easy collateral management
  7. No requirement for capital reserves

EMO Bank can be used by anyone who wants to invest their capital. Individuals, SME's, Companies, Students, Projects, Unbanked, and Entrepreneurs can easily access the platform and do daily secure transactions without facing any issues.

EMO staking is a program aligned with EMO Bank for rewarding users who keep their cryptocurrency for a certain period. It facilitates users to get loans from the borrowers and generate income for lenders for staking their coins

EMO Bank brings an innovative approach by enabling users to utilise their coins through lending. With this option, they lend their money to borrowers without border limits and earn higher returns. Lending at EMO Bank offers a higher return than traditional banks free from any restraints

  1. Borrower requests a loan amount for a specific time
  2. Loan evaluation in terms of security
  3. Borrower stake their crypto as a collateral
  4. Loan get deposited from lender wallet to fulfils loan amount
  5. The lender receives interests on a weekly or monthly basis 
  6. Unblocking of crypto collateral once the borrower pays the loan amount

Project Related Loans
Business Loan
Personal Loan
Medical Loan
Development Loan
Car Loan
Student Loan
Bridging Loan

EMO Debit cards enable multiple cryptos on a single debit card and convenience to buy products and services online or offline.

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Multiple currency Storage 
  3. Easy Payment to Online Shopping
  4. ATM Withdrawals in Local Money
  5. Application for Spending, International Transfer, and Abroad Payment